Portfolio - Loris Bertaux

I'm a Game Developper, specialized in Gameplay Programming with special interest on Multiplayer Games.

About me :

I am Loris Bertaux. I am 25 y.o. and I got a graduation in Management & Game Programming at Rubika Supinfogame in Valenciennes, France. But I'm also a :

Wise developer

Architecture, Networks, Database, mobile development, Web or Software.

I'm interested in all technologies but I'm specialized in game development with Game Engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. I used to implement Gameplay / UI / Audio and Multiplayer Systems.

Gamer and passionate

I particularly like strategic games, rogue-Like, metroid-vania, sandbox and interactive stories.

My favorite games are "Hyper Light Drifter", "FEZ", "Ori", "Kena and the bridge of Spirits", "Dead Cells" and "The Walking Dead" Serie by TTG.

Project leader

I conducted many projects in team. I know how to manage a project from the design phase to the deployment phase.

Proficient in Versionning

I know how to share a project with my team members efficiently. I keep my source code well documented and understandable. And I participate actively in Code Review.



Gameplay Programming on WRC : The Official Racing Game


Life Beyond

Internship at Darewise Entertainment



Last year game project at Rubika Supinfogame made on Unreal Engine 4


Cranked Up

Internship at BBlack Studio


Cop Academy (Now on Steam!)

VR Party game where you and your friends need to take entrance exams to become a true cop !

Professional section

I'm open to new Opportunities in the Game Industry in France or abroad.

I would prefer to work on Action/Adventure/RPG Games with ideally a multiplayer layer.

You can check my resumes below. Feel free to contact me if you're interested !

Contact me

If you want to contact me, you can do so by email or via social networks.