Cop Academy (Now on Steam!) - 2018 - 2019



Student project made at Rubika SupinfoGame in collaboration with :
Théo NOTTEZ (Producer - Game Artist - Composer)
Grégoire MEYER (Technical Designer)
Joaquim LANCESSEUR (Lead Designer)
Steve DELGRANGE (Gameplay Programmer)

Cop Academy is a VR Party Game for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.
The game was developed between October 2017 and March 2018 and is now available on Steam, for free!

Play with your friends and fight for justice. Build teams and face off in 8 VR minigames to
know which team deserves to join Otterwa's Police Department!

This project was developed with Unity in C#  and uses the SteamVR API.
In this project, I worked as a Gameplay & VR programmer .
I've implemented the game framework, a test pipeline and 4 mini-games which require different skills (a Guess
Who, a bomb defuse, a game of skill where you need to catch Donuts and a Squad Inspection).

We have had the opportunity to refine the gameplay, balance and add many sign and feedbacks to polish
the whole experience. I learned a lot about the OpenVR API and the Steam SDK to deploy it on Steam.

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