Harpooneers - 2018



Harpooneers is a Twin Stick / Boss rush game.
It has been made in a team of 10 students during 2 weeks at Rubika Supinfogame.

In Harpooneers, the players control boats with the ability to fire harpoons to deal damage or gain momentum
by pulling on it. The gameplay is centered around semi-realistic boat movement :
each wave affects you and the challenge is to fight the boss while keeping an eye on the sea.

In this project, I was in charge to develop the boat controller and their input.
I had to improve the way the harpoon and the bombs works to add some interactions to them.
Finally, I experimented a new way to do IA in games with my mate
by creating some Boss patterns using the state machines of Unity.

Credits :
Game Artists :  Anaïs DIQUET - Kevin FANTESINI - Thibault MOITEL - Andréa PENZ
Game Designers : Erwann DEPAEUW - Lucas DEVILLERS- Thibault HUBERT - Antoine LECHEVALLIER
Game Programmers : Bastien LEPESANT - Loris BERTAUX

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