Kleptomaniac - 2018



Game made in 72 hours during the LudumDare41 with Unity3D.
Theme : "Mix two incompatible genres."

In this game, you are a robber in a museum with a strong security system. You need to find your path and
steal as many art pieces as possible. If you are spotted, you need to flee by breaking a window in a limited time.

I made all the programming part including :
- A character controller (movements constraint on a grid, interactions, ...)
- The turn by turn game loop (Based on events (Start of the player turn, Start of the ennemies turn, ...).
- A lock-picking minigame : a small Skill game that you permit to steal an art piece sneaky
but if you fail, you break the lock.
- The UI like a steal notification
- I also implemented some funny gameplay elements like lasers and basics AI (state machine) :
a patrolling guard which change his state if he suspects something
a dog which sleeps but wakes up if we come too close, ...

Credits :
Quentin ROUSSEL (Game Design)
Clément AMENDOLA (Sound & Level Design)
Special thanks to Charles LAMARCHE (Game Art)

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Unity 2D Turn by turn Stealth game
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