Substanz - 2017



Project realized during one week in collaboration with Steve Delgrange.
We had to develop a Puzzle Fps game on Unreal Engine 4 and code in C++.

The player is equiped with a mysterious weapon, the "Transform gun". His name refers to the three basic
properties of any element in a game engine : the location, rotation and scale.

C++ / BP Programming and integration :
I implemented the weapon and I modelize his mesh.
The weapon got 3 modes and each one needs to be unlocked along the game.
With the left click, we can release the property currently stored in the mode selected. And with
the right we can absorb the property from a world element.

After that, I developed some extra features (Checkpoints, Lava), designed some puzzles and polish the game.

Conclusion :
In one week, we succeed to have a playable game with all we wanted (the weapon, a tutorial and 3 puzzles).

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Unreal Engine 4 Puzzle Fps C++ Blueprint Level design
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