I'm currently working as the Gameplay programmer on Black Hive, an asymmetrical multiplayer game.
It's developed on UE4 during 9 months in a team of 8 and 3 external members from ACFA.

I wrote the 2 character controllers (One in first person and one in third person able to walk on walls).
I also implemented gameplay features with networking in C++ and blueprints.
The game uses WWise to integrate the sounds and musics.

I also deployed the game using a dedicated server.

Credits :
Game Artists :  Mathieu GIRARD - Maxime BAK - Camille GANGNEUX
Game Designers : Benoît CASSIN - Clarisse BLONDY - Grégoire MEYER
Sound Designers : Quentin BAUDRY - Johan-Charles KOELL-KEITH - Thomas LECLERQ
Other Game Programmer : Morgan MINARDI

Mots clés

UE4 SVN Gameplay Network C++ Blueprints
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