Immortal the game - 2014



The initial goal of my Highschool project was to realize a website during my last year.
As I was very interested by the video game programming. I chose to develop a game with the Stencyl engine.
I worked with my friend Lulani Favresse which was interested by computer graphics. 

After that I developed the game, I decided to create the website to explain how we do it.
It was separated in two categories :
The first one shows the different iterations of the game art and the second describes the game and their core mecanics.

The game is a platformer where you incarnate "Timar".
This hero can resurrect in an another living form when he dies.
Depending the body he possesses, he obtains some abilities :
For example, a crow which permit to fly or a bear which can destroy big rocks which blocking the way.

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Jeu vidéo Stencyl Scratch