Keke's Dreamland - Kaki's adventure - 2017 - 2019



It was my first big project on Unity and it was in a non--professional team !

But I designed and implemented a lot of things like :
- The character controller (with his custom camera behaviour (classic following or forced scrolling)
- An old school world map system (The player can moves from nodes to nodes and unlock paths).
- The managers (Menu, Levels including introduction and completion) and a save system with some stats).
- All the Gameplay features (Ennemies IA, Checkpoint system, interactable like chest or jail, Chrono, ...).

Finally I learned a lot about integration, because I need to integrate :
- The 2D assets (Tilemap, characters and gameplay elements, UI, ...)
- The animations by dealing with the spritesheets, the animator and the animation tools
- The FX, I create some cool one (See above in my GIF).

Credits :
PurpleSea (Gamedesigner)
BobblaKei (Game Artist)
Pengwndude (Composer)
Trevynstegall (Sound Designer)
NoZip (Code review)

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